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Freegate 7.37 - China's most popular proxy anonymity software

Platform/OS: Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

License: Freeware

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Freegate Publisher's description.

Freegate is the most popular circumvention proxy anonymity software used in China. Many students, tourists, businessmen, diplomats and journalists find Freegate indispensable during their visit in China.

Warning: you may not be able to access this web site in China. If you are going to China, this may be your last chance to see this page as well as websites such as , , if you do not carry a workable circumvention solution with you. You may also want to practice using this software while you are still in the free world, so it is easier to resolve any usability confusions. Please note that the usage of this software outside China may be limited to some web sites only. This issue will disappear when you are in China.

Please note that Freegate 7.37 may only work properly on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Freegate is listed from SoftwareKnow and available for free download. Free download does not mean this software is free, you may need to buy to use. SoftwareKnow does not supply serial numbers, crack or keygen, please directly consult program's developer for any issued problems with Freegate.

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